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Question: What is consultancy?

Answer: It’s an art which helps to select the best solution and a science to execute it in the most effective way.

Affluence consultancy takes the challenge to go beyond brilliant ideas and analysis by going deep in insight to unearth the right solution by unlocking value. We focus on solution where adaptability and scalability are two main pillars. We fully understand the competitive advantage and make real difference in decision making process and approach. True business solutions are pragmatic and that’s why they require tailor made approach which should be action oriented and respectable.

Our approach is to guide our clients to stay focused on what they should not do. We strongly emphasis to deliver results which help our clients to build value, improve competitive advantage and minimize risk. We, at Affluence feel that the best way to understand clients’ requirements is to put oneself in clients’ shoes. This practice essentially helps us in enhancing clients’ reputation and helping them to do their business with integrity.

Achieving excellence in what we offer helps us building strong relationship with clients and we firmly believe that, to succeed we must constantly grow and develop our insight. At Affluence, we serve only those clients who fit in to our three criteria

  • We serve those clients to whom we think we are competent to serve.
  • We serve those clients who precisely understand the role of a consultant
  • We serve those clients who meet appropriate standard and integrity

We are not your “Yes Man” and we don’t follow “Jack of all & master of none practice”. We deliver only those services which we are capable to deliver and never less than our commitment. Our aim is to avoid conflict of interest by maintaining and following strong practices of confidentiality and privacy of our clients.

Corporate Consultancy


Independent answers based on precise logics without a fear of thinking what will happen if we go wrong is the philosophy and we stand behind that.It is better if we wrong on a logical approach as compare to going right based on inconvenient truth, wishful thinking and bias opinion.

Asset Class Advisory


Question: When do you need advisory?

Answer: When situation demands action with real results.

Results Which Matter and Not Just Views

In today’s world the ability to understand, organize and extract insights from data has become pre requisites before giving any view on any asset class. We, at Affluence firmly believe that it is extremely important to establish a process and practice which help clients to move quickly from data to actionable decisions. We believe that unlocking insights is a result of extraordinary efforts and passion for one’s own belief.

Asset Class Advisory

Services Offered
  • Equity advisory
  • Direct commodity advisory
  • Currency advisory
  • Principle strategies (Equity, Commodity & Currency)
    • Event driven strategies
    • System driven trading strategies
    • Option segment strategies
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